Why the RCA ANT800 Outdoor Antenna might just be the treasure at the end of your search for a powerful, subtle, and effective HDTV antenna.

Put the ladder away and breathe a sigh of relief. RCA’s ANT800 Outdoor Antenna is multi-directional and requires no positional adjustments for you to get the best reception on your favorite channel. RCA has never left the technology industry, and their site offers a cache of important and helpful tools to ensure that you’re getting the best reception for your effort. The multi-directional design allows you to catch quality broadcasts from every angle while RCA’s included SmartBoost technology helps amplify the broadcasts while filtering out background noise. If you’re looking forward to really cutting the cord and saving money on your new, entertainment, and sports, the RCA ANT800 Outdoor Antenna offers more than just great reception. Its design is wonderfully modern, versatile in mounting and placement options, and supports everything from UHF, VHF, and up to 1080i HDTV.

If you want that subtle design but don’t want to sacrifice power, or if you need that broader range of coverage and never want to adjust your antenna again, the RCA ANT800 Outdoor Antenna should be at the top of your list for options. If you want to know more, keep reading, because we’re about to dig in to see what this unit has to offer.


DESIGN & BUILD | Out of Sight, Out of Mind

The RCA ANT800 Outdoor Antenna is a flat, slim design that can hide almost anywhere on your roof, second story, or even attic. The matte grey disappears into most siding and shingles, making it an easy way to get HDTV without breaking up the lines of your home or throwing off the aesthetic with a more traditionally designed metal tree branch. Did I mention that the surface was paintable? You don’t have to worry about a grey block standing out against white or brightly colored siding. It’ll disappear with barely a shadow. The multi-directional receiver completely removes the need for adjustments, so you can leave the ladder in the garage. The 60-mile range is more than enough for many homeowners, but you’ll want to double-check online to be sure you’re getting the range you need with this unit. The RCA ANT800 Outdoor Antenna can receive UHF, VHF, HDTV, and 4K signals, making it futureproof and prepared for the eventual rollout of ATSC 3.0, the new broadcast standard announced earlier 2017.

“The multi-directional receiver completely removes the need for adjustments…”

Build quality is solid, and the flat design means that less weather can catch and cause it damage. Being more stable means less signal interruption from inclement weather. Both the mounting plate and arm are plastic, so if you live in a region with extreme heat, you may want to mount this on a wall that doesn’t get direct sunlight.

RCA ANT800 Outdoor Antenna front

RCA ANT800 Outdoor Antenna front

SAFETY & DURABILITY | Measure Twice, Mount Once

Normally, this is where you check online to see how many broadcast stations there are within range of your home and decide where best to mount your antenna. With the RCA ANT800 Outdoor Antenna you can skip that step and go right to where it’ll look the best and be the least obtrusive. As always, whenever mounting an outdoor antenna, be very careful, always have a second person with you, and check for insect or wasp nests before you go climbing around under eaves and such. Don’t forget to ground your antenna as well, and if you already have one in place from an older installation, double-check that corrosion hasn’t taken a toll on its quality. You only have to do this once, so do it right the first time and never worry about it again.

“As always, whenever mounting an outdoor antenna, be very careful…”

As mentioned before, the antenna arm and mounting plate are made of plastic, but that doesn’t mean it is any less durable. Outdoor positioning is always preferred for this unit. That said, the RCA ANT800 Outdoor Antenna is able to handle weather and heat as well as most, just not the extremes of either. Most antenna will fall to the ravages of a tropical storm or incredible blizzard unless protected. As long as you keep that in mind when placing it, you’ll have no reason to worry.

RCA ANT800 Outdoor Antenna mounted

RCA ANT800 Outdoor Antenna mounted

PERFORMANCE | Effective and Broad-reaching

Ease of Use

Because you don’t need to go up and adjust it to ensure you’re catching your channel just right, there isn’t much else to say other than it simply works. Once you get it set, the antenna will continue to work as it should, barring a tree branch or other impact knocking it out of place during extreme weather. Some owners advise that you mount it parallel to the ground for the best effect. You may even forget it’s there at some point.

Best Features

RCA includes an awesome technology they’ve named SmartBoost, which works to amplify broadcast signals and defocus or filter out background noise for a cleaner, clearer pictures, and greater signal quality. Many other amplified antenna will simply amplify everything, background noise and all, giving the RCA ANT800 Outdoor Antenna a functional edge not related to its low-profile appearance. Weak signals become stronger, strong signals remain stable, and the background mess stays where it belongs: away from your broadcasts.

RCA ANT800 Outdoor Antenna full view

RCA ANT800 Outdoor Antenna full view

LONGEVITY & PRICE | Treat It Nicely

Because of the plastic construction, many owners treat the RCA ANT800 Outdoor Antenna with careful consideration, placing it where it can be protected and still offer great reception. Any piece of technology is going to have outliers, but one reviewer stated that his has lasted for ten years outdoors and his only run-in was with weather twisting it free from its mounting, which is great considering its 1-year warranty. It seems wind is the RCA ANT800 Outdoor Antenna’s greatest weakness, and if you live in a very windy area and cannot place this antenna in a protected space, you might need to look elsewhere.

Be sure to check the current RCA ANT800 Outdoor Antenna – Amazon price here.

RCA’s ANT800 Outdoor Antenna has an MSRP of $63.00, which is more than affordable for an HDTV antenna. It will be up to you if the multi-directional design is what you need, and if the 60-mile range is enough to get the channels that you want.

RCA ANT800 Outdoor Antenna in use

RCA ANT800 Outdoor Antenna in use


  • Multi-directional
  • Signal boosting technology
  • Subtle design, can be painted to match
  • Inexpensive (see current Amazon Price)


  • Prone to wind damage
  • Plastic

THE BOTTOM LINE | Some Considerations Needed

The RCA ANT800 Outdoor Antenna is a great piece of technology with a few small caveats. The build quality is somewhat questionable, thanks to its design playing the part of a little sail when the wind comes twisting. That said, the subtle design and multiple mounting positions can diminish that risk, and the paintable surface makes it even more invisible, so if the weather isn’t a problem, and you need a powerful multi-directional antenna that can amp up your viewing experience, this might be exactly what you need. If not, or you want to keep searching, check out our 5 Best Outdoor HDTV Antenna here.