Why ViewTV’s Outdoor Amplified Antenna might just be your new best friend for free over-the-air television channels, from any direction and further than most.

It used to be the case that a good antenna was the only way to get television channels, and as that gave way to cable, satellite, and most recently, the cord-cutting, digital streaming revolution, many consumers have forgotten the simplicity and freedom of over-the-air digital television. ViewTV stands strong against the tide of digital options with their Outdoor Amplified Antenna, offering long range, 360-degree rotation, and free entertainment and news. If you really want to cut cords and slim down your costs, this just might be your best bet. Over-the-air television isn’t dead, in fact, the quality of many broadcasts is crystal clear and totally free. If you’re looking for a way to get the news and entertainment you want without forking over a monthly subscription fee, an outdoor HDTV antenna will fit your needs to a tee.

Find a website that offers you a listing of local television channels, crank that range up to 150 miles, and see what options you’ve got. Like what you see? Will it give you what you want? Great! Let’s take a closer look at what makes the ViewTV Outdoor Amplified Antenna a perfect fit for you and your budget.

DESIGN & BUILD | Ugly, but Functional

The ViewTV Outdoor Amplified Antenna isn’t going to win any awards for design aesthetic. In fact, it looks downright retro-futuristic, like something the prop master for Back to the Future might come up with. That said, if you don’t mind having it mounted to your roof, it’s not really that big of a deal, just make sure you climb up there safely. Once you’re past the initial look, it’s time to look at its specifications. With its 150-mile range, this is one of the longest ranges available, making the amplifier necessary to ensure as clear of a signal as possible. This antenna supports full HD signal, covering 720p, 1080i, and 1080p, across both UHF and VHF frequencies. The amplifier is low-noise, high-gain, operating between 40-300MHz at 28-32db VHF and 470-890MHz at 32-36db UHF frequency and gain, respectively. Mount it up and plug it into your tuner or digital converter box for all the free channels you can find.

“…supports full HD signal, covering 720p, 1080i, and 1080p, across both UHF and VHF frequencies.”

The weather-resistant build ensures that your antenna won’t short out or break down when inclement weather moves in. Recommended operating temperature is between 14 and 122 degrees Fahrenheit. The big draw to this antenna is the 360-degree rotation. The motor turns both ways to prevent the cable from getting tangled and is operated by remote so you don’t have to worry about climbing up onto your roof or getting out the ladder to make sure you’re getting the best reception. Keep in mind that the mounting pole isn’t typically included, so you’ll have to double check before ordering or picking one up.

ViewTV Outdoor Amplified Antenna in box

ViewTV Outdoor Amplified Antenna in box

SAFETY & DURABILITY | Tried and True

As an antenna that is best mounted at least 30 feet up, the ViewTV Outdoor Amplified Antenna will require some careful planning and installation. Always have a companion to spot you, clear the area of potential insect or wasp nests, and double-check your state’s ordinances regarding grounding. Grounding your coaxial cable is important and, even if you know you have a solid ground wire installed, you’ll still want to double-check to make sure it hasn’t corroded over time. You’re already saving quite a bit of money with this antenna, might as well go all the way and make it last as long as you can.

“…keep the coaxial cable as short as possible for a clearer, stronger signal transmission to your television.”

Many owners have reported that their ViewTV Outdoor Amplified Antenna has weathered many a storm and bad weather, though the greatest success came when mounting it on the roof. A pole can waver and shake in the wind, turning once-clear signal into a dead screen. Digital television tends to be all or nothing, unlike old-school analog transmissions. When the signal is gone, it’s gone completely, no static or fuzzy transmissions. If you see snow on the screen, you’re tuned into an analog broadcast. Storm-born interference can be a problem even with advanced dish technology, however, so mount it solidly and keep the coaxial cable as short as possible for a clearer, stronger signal transmission to your television. The antenna itself is made from aluminum and plastic components, so it likely wouldn’t survive a severe storm or a few hefty whacks from bad hail, so keep that in mind when choosing.

ViewTV Outdoor Amplified Antenna parts

ViewTV Outdoor Amplified Antenna parts

PERFORMANCE | Bang for the Buck

Ease of Use

Installing an outdoor HDTV antenna is going to involve a bit of elbow grease, but once its set and grounded, the most you’ll have to do is adjust it for the perfect signal. The remote-operated motor makes that adjustment a snap. No more yelling through open windows and hoping you get it just right. If you’re running an older TV, you might need to purchase a turner or digital converter box. Most televisions manufactured after 2007 have a digital tuner built in already, so just check your model to see before investing in a possibly unnecessary device.

Best Features

If you’re looking for free HDTV and need to work with distance, the 150-mile range of the ViewTV Outdoor Amplified Antenna will cover you, keeping in mind that the specific geographic features of your region will have an effect on reception: hills, mountains, valleys, etc. That range, added to the 360-degree rotation allowed by the motor and remote, ensure that you’ve got all the best tools on your side when you’re looking for a good, clear signal.

ViewTV Outdoor Amplified Antenna outside

ViewTV Outdoor Amplified Antenna outside

LONGEVITY & PRICE | Get What You Invested

Anyone who expects a device that costs this litle and is made of aluminum and plastic to last forever has a few wires crossed. If you’re not in a place that sees frequent inclement weather, your antenna is bound to last far longer. When it comes down to replacement price, the ViewTV Outdoor Amplified Antenna is far easier to work with than its more expensive competitors. When it comes to its range and rotation capabilities, it definitely pulls its weight when installed, but the cheaper and lighter materials might make for a shorter lifespan when exposed to the elements.

Be sure to check the current ViewTV Outdoor Amplified Antenna – Amazon price here.

As mentioned earlier, the ViewTV Outdoor Amplified Antenna has an MSRP of $89.95 without a mounting pole. The lightest purchase on the block, for an outdoor antenna with as much reach as it boats, the price tag is reasonable. The trade-off with materials, considering the aluminum and plastic components, can be a bit of a bummer but comes as no surprise. It is worth noting that many, many owners are very happy with this antenna, with reports of years of reliable service.

ViewTV Outdoor Amplified Antenna roo mount

ViewTV Outdoor Amplified Antenna roo mount



  • Cheap construction
  • Must be mounted at least 30 ft. up

THE BOTTOM LINE | A Budget Option with Great Range

If you’re really looking to slim down and keep your budget skinny, the ViewTV Outdoor Amplified Antenna is a wonderful option to keep your spending down without sacrificing the channels you need to keep up with news, entertainment, and sports. If you can afford to spend a little bit more, you might find your choices opening up to bigger, better, and longer lasting antenna. Check out the other options on our Best Outdoor HDTV Antenna list here!